Vie Cave 2019 Igt Toscana Malbec - Aldobrandesca Antinori

Aldobrandesca Antinori

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Il Cave Life it's a Tuscan red wine IGT which takes its name from the ancient Etruscan roads dug into the tuff, the so-called "vie cave", which characterize the territory in which it is produced. This is the Southern Maremma, more precisely Sovana in the province of Grosseto.
Here stands the Aldobrandesca Farm owned by the family Antinori, wine producers for over twenty generations.
The area is characterized by a luxuriant nature and enjoys a temperate climate that is affected by the beneficial effects of the nearby Argentario area.

I vineyards they are located right at the foot of the tuff spur on which Sovana stands. They are characterized by volcanic soils rich in a wide variety of minerals, which rest on tuffaceous substrates.
The Vie Cave is produced using exclusively Malbèc grapes, vine of Bordeaux origin not very common in Italy, which here has found a terroir of election.
The harvest takes place in October, the grapes are then de-stemmed and softly pressed. They are then transferred to stainless steel containers where one takes place maceration pre-fermentation at low temperatures, between 5 and 10 ° C, for 3-4 days. This process favors the extraction of anthocyanins and aromatic substances. The must it is then heated and inoculated with selected yeasts. Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature of 30 ° C and the maceration delicate lasts a week. The wine is then transferred to oak barriques where the malolactic fermentation is completed in about 10 months. Refinement in the bottle follows for another 14 months. Intense and deep ruby ​​red. The nose perceives notes of ripe black fruit well integrated with spicy and vanilla hints. On the palate it is balanced and enveloping, with a good persistence. The aftertaste is characterized by hints of blueberry that fade on notes of coffee and bitter chocolate.


Your name Aldobrandesca Farm Vie Cave 2019
Type Still red
IGT Toscano or Toscana
Year 2019
Format 0,75 l Standard
Region Toscana
Vines 100% Malbec
Location Florence (FI)
winemaking The freshly picked grapes, de-stemmed and softly pressed, were introduced into stainless steel tanks. We therefore proceeded with an initial phase of maceration cold pre-fermentation, with lowering of the temperature between 5 and 10 ° C for 3-4 days at end to create a selectivity in the process of maceration and favor the extraction of aromatic substances and anthocyanins present in the skins. Subsequently the must it was heated and then inoculated with selected yeasts; the fermentation took place at a controlled temperature of 30 ° C and the maceration, managed in a delicate way, to allow a controlled extraction of sweet tannins, lasted about a week.
Refinement The wine was transferred to 225L French oak barrels, where it completed the malolactic fermentation. Finally, it remained in wood for about 10 months, following bottling, it refined in the bottle for about 14 months.
Grado alcohol 14,50% by volume
Other Vie Cave was born from a careful geological and oenological research aimed at enhancing the potential of a vine new to the Italian panorama, Malbèc, a grape of French origin that has found in the “volcanic” Maremma a terroir of election.

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