Valtellina Superiore 2018 Docg Grumello - Nino Negri

Nino Negri

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Nino Negri's Valtellina Superiore Grumello is a red elegant, intense and fresh, produced with the Nebbiolo grape in purity, which in the area is traditionally called Chiavennasca. Grumello represents one of the historical crus of Valtellina, with vineyards grown in the area to the north east of the city of Sondrio, on the slopes near Castel Grumello. The sunny southern exposure, the cool climate of the altitude and the rocky lands, give Nebbiolo a rich fruit maturity, always accompanied by a lively freshness and a limpid mineral vein. A mountain Nebbiolo of great charm.

Valtellina Superiore Grumello wine is a classic label of one of the wineries that contributed to making the history of this territory. The Nino Negri winery has very ancient origins, which date back to the end of the nineteenth century and after the Second World War it experienced a period of progressive development that led it to be a true beacon for the denomination. Today, in addition to the land owned, it manages the vineyards of about 280 small contributors, the backbone of the Valley. The vineyards of each area are vinified separately, in order to bring the distinctive character of each terroir with single labels: Sassella, Grumello and Inferno. What unites all the wines is a careful work in the vineyard, which refuses herbicides and chemical substances, in favor of grassy inter-rows and green manuring practices. The result is a production of quality wines with an authentic territorial flavor.

The red Valtellina Superiore Grumello of the Nino Negri winery comes from grapes grown in some famous parcels of the cru such as: Vigna Lunga, Sassorosso and Sassina. At the end of the red vinification with maceration on the skins, the wine matures for at least 12 months in French and Slavonian oak barrels. In the glass it has an intense ruby ​​red color. On the nose it is characterized by scents of mountain flowers and herbs, aromas of small berries, mineral hints reminiscent of graphite. On the palate it has a good structure, an important tannic texture and a sip with elegant and persistent aromas. The finish is long, with a fresh and savory finish. A perfect wine to discover the charm of the reds of Valtellina.

Color Intense and concentrated ruby ​​red

Bouquet Notes of wild berries, mountain flowers, light mineral essences and intense spiciness

Taste Good structure and intensity, pleasantly fresh, decisive and with a dense tannic texture

Your name Valtellina Superiore 2018 Docg Grumello
Type Red
Year Valtellina Superiore 2018 Docg Grumello
Group 0,75 l Standard
Region Lombardy
Vines Nebbiolo (Chiavennasca) 100%
Grado alcohol 13,00%

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