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Tormaresca Antinori

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Il Tail twister Primitive is produced by Tormaresca, the company that bears the name and represents Antinori In southern Italy. Founded in 1998 it's composed by 2 estates: Bocca di Wolf, located in the Murgia of Bari e Masseria Maime, located in the beating heart of Puglia, the Salento. Antinori's goal is precisely to enhance the terroir Apulian, which despite having been for a long time among the main producers of wine grapes of the peninsula, has never been able to express its identity. Cultivating alone vines autochthonous in harmony and cohesion with the territory, in recent years the company has been contributing to the wine renaissance of the region.

Produced on the estate Masseria Maime, Tormaresca Primitive Twist, is the result of attention to detail, enthusiasm and passion. This red intense it is obtained solely from grapes Primitive which are just selected and collected overripe and then pressed. The must it is then done macerate packaged replacements delicates e delèstage for 13 days in stainless steel tanks. Fermented at a controlled temperature not top at 27 ° C, it is transferred to barrels di oak French e Hungarian is preferably used for malolactic. After a aging after 10 months in barriques it ages for another 6 months in the bottle before being sold. The term "Tail twister”Derives on the one hand from one of the tools used for the care of horses, on the other for the luxuriant nature of the shoots and leaves of this vine, also called“ of the 3 harvests ”for fertility. Intense ruby ​​red with light purple hues. Notes of red fruit such as black cherry and blackberry followed by a delicate hint of vanilla and licorice. Soft and wide entry, balanced by a pleasant freshness and a fruity aftertaste.

Your name Tormaresca Torcicoda Primitivo 2018
Type Still red
IGT Salento
Year 2018
Group 0,75 l Standard
Region Apulia
Vines 100% Primitive
Location Minervino (LE)
Breeding system Sapling, spurred cordon.
Fermentation temperature No top at 27 ° C
Fermentation period About 13 days.
winemaking The grapes were harvested slightly overripe. After pressing, the must was transferred to stainless steel tanks where the alcoholic fermentation at a temperature not top at 27 ° C; there maceration, managed with pumping over and delestage, lasted for about 13 days.
Refinement After racking, the wine was transferred to French and Hungarian oak barriques, where the malolactic ermentation took place and aged for about 10 months. This is followed by a further period of 8 months in the bottle before being placed on the market.
Grado alcohol 15,00% by volume
Production vintage 220.000 bottles

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