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In 1855 Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco vines were planted for the first time in Tuscany. Even today these vines are the interpreters of the freshness and aromas of this wine that is born in the land of Castello di Pomino, an Apennine area with a unique, fresh and breezy microclimate. Brilliant straw yellow with very delicate golden hues. The bouquet is equally gentle, delicate floral scents harmonize well with the fruity notes. White flowers, green apple, pear, grapefruit and the thousand facets of citrus fruits recur giving rise to an extremely balanced nose. On the palate it is pleasantly fresh and soft at the same time. The aromatic sensation is persistent and long.
Your name Pomino Bianco Castle 2020
Type Still white
DOC Pomino Bianco
Year 2020
Group 0,75 l Standard
Region Tuscany
Vines Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco
Location Loc. Pomino - Rufina (FI)
Weather Altitude: 700 masl
harvest The grapes are harvested with the greatest possible care. The care taken in the vineyard as well as the subsequent processing in the cellar contribute to guaranteeing a high quality level. From the moment they enter the cellar, the grapes and consequently the musts are treated avoiding contact with oxygen as much as possible.
winemaking The pressing cycles are chosen to allow a gentle extraction of the musts. There alcoholic fermentation it is carried out in steel tanks and 15% in French oak barriques, all at a controlled temperature. At the end of its production process, Pomino Bianco ages in the bottle for a few months.
Refinement 4 months in steel, 1 month in bottle.
Grado alcohol 12,50% by volume

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