Orvieto Classico Superiore 2020 San Giovanni della Sala - Castello della Sala Antinori

Castello della Sala Antinori

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Il San Giovanni della Sala is produced by Antinori in the adjacent land the Castle area of Living Room, an ancient medieval castle built in 1350, by supporters who came to Italy with Charlemagne with the aim of conquering Orvieto. The Antinori family, given the high vocation of the area for the production of wines Bianchi, in 1940 he decided to buy the castle now neglected for decades, and bring it back to the magnificence of the past. In the 170 ha of land only white vines are produced, with the exception of pinot noir, both native and not, in order to express with each wine a vision Modern of a terroir antico. The winery has a modern conception of winemaking and was designed to guarantee quality and freshness in the wines produced, without however damaging the historic cellar already present since the XNUMXth century in the basement of the stronghold.

The Antinori Saint John area of Living Room was born from a blend of native grapes, Grechetto e Procanico, with the Pinot White and Viognier to produce a Orvieto Classic DOC that tells a new style all its own. The 4 vines, grown in a soil that tends to be clay and rich in fossil shells, are harvested throughout the month of September. Part of the must it is cold macerated in contact with the skins for about 6 hours at about 10 ° C while the remaining part is pressed. There winemaking, to enhance the characteristics of each variety, takes place separately in steel tanks stainless steel at 16 ° C. L'aging it arrives on its lees for a few months to improve structure and elegance before being blended and then bottled. San Giovanni della Sala has been produced since 1990 and is recognized for its intensity and freshness and the fruity explosion on the palate. Pale straw yellow with greenish reflections. The nose is striking for its very fine bouquet, characterized by pleasant floral and ripe fruit scents such as peach and pineapple. On the palate it is enveloping, balanced, persistent and supported by a good freshness.

Your name Castle of the Sala San Giovanni della Sala 2020
Type Still white
DOC Orvieto Classico Superiore
Year 2020
Group 0,75 l Standard
Region Umbria
Vines Grechetto, Pinot Bianco, Trebbiano Toscano, Viognier
Location Loc. Sala - Ficulle (TR)
Fermentation temperature 16 ° C
winemaking Upon arrival in the cellar, the grapes were vinified separately by variety to enhance the characteristics of each variety. Part of the must made a maceration cold, remaining in contact with its skins for about 6 hours at a temperature of 10 ° C, before being combined with that obtained from the soft direct pressing of the grapes. The must thus obtained it was transferred to stainless steel tanks where it took place alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature of 16 ° C.
Refinement The wine remained on its lees for a few months at end to improve structure, elegance and minerality up to the moment of assembly and subsequent bottling.
Grado alcohol 12,50% by volume
Other San Giovanni was born from the vineyards of the ancient Castello della Sala from the union of native grapes Grechetto and Procanico (Trebbiano Toscano) with those of Pinot Bianco and Viognier to tell the story of Orvieto Classic according to a new style. The first vintage of the Castello della Sala Orvieto Classic it was 1990.

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