Moscato Bianco 2019 Passito di Noto - Planeta


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From one of the oldest vines in the world, Moscato Bianco, our Passito di Noto is born. The passito is an ancient wine that becomes current with a modern drying system. Explosive aromas of exotic fruit, jasmine, candied citrus, it is both complex and easy to love. The ideal companion of the great Sicilian tradition of sweets and ice cream. Extraordinary scents of apricots, rose petals, papaya and quince. Sweet and fleshy mouth, but lively with citrus notes. It refers to nougat and candied ginger.
Your name Planeta Moscato Bianco passito by Noto 0.5L 2019
Type White raisin Dolce aromatic
DOC Moscato Passito di Noto or Passito di Noto
Year 2019
Format 0,50 l
Region Sicilia
Vines 100% Moscato Bianco
Location Buonivini - Noto (SR)
Weather Altitude: 40 masl
Soil composition Very calcareous soils, abundant and small skeleton; weaving end with light colored clay fraction.
Breeding system Guyot
N. plants per hectare 4500
Yield per hectare 50 q.
harvest 25-30 August.
Fermentation temperature 18 ⁰C
winemaking The grapes are harvested - well ripe - a end August and subsequently withered in the fruit cellar, in 5 kg crates in a ventilated environment at 23 ° C. When they have lost half of their weight, about 40 days later, the grapes are pressed and the must obtained, particularly rich in sugars, it ferments slowly at 18 ° C in steel tanks for more than a month, until bottling.
Grado alcohol 12,00% by volume
Total acidity 9,00 gr / L
PH 3,30
Production vintage 22.000 bottles
Sulfites Contains sulfites
pairing Grapevine born to combine with the best desserts, in its passita form it prefers dry ones, possibly enriched by some fruit with a prominent acid note.

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