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The provenance of the Lugana "San Martino Il Sestante DOC" from the Veneto-based Tommasi winery is tied to the SAN MARTINO vineyard, a precious area of ​​business competence which produces excellent quality fruit. Grapes: 100% Trebbiano di Lugana. Vinification: 4 months in steel barrels. Arched vines are arranged neatly on a soil composed of clays and limestone: this is the terroir chosen by Tommasi to make the “San Martino” branded Il Sestante, a round and harmonious Lugana DOC that offers a great ease of drinking. The grapes, carefully selected to guarantee only the best quality, ferment and refine in steel for about 4 months before being bottled. An excellent opportunity to taste one of the most interesting Venetian whites. Characteristics of the Lugana San Martino Doc wine from Veneto On the organoleptic examination this wine is expressed with a bright straw yellow color. The scent expands with an olfactory spectrum that develops around mainly fruity scents, where the peach emerges with its whole body. The taste involves the whole mouth, it is slender, drinkable, perfectly balanced. It closes with an aftertaste characterized by a light honey flavor, very fascinating. Food pairings recommended while tasting this Tommasi wine Very versatile from a gastronomic point of view, it accompanies with style from appetizers to main courses of fish. Also perfect with soups and broths, it gives its best with baked lasagna with vegetables. It should be served cool at 10 ° C. It reaches an alcohol content of 12,5% ​​Vol.

Your name Lugana 2020 The Sextant
Type White
Lugana DOC
Year 2020
Format 0,75 l Standard
Region Lombardia
Vines Trebbiano di Lugana 100%
Service temperature
12-14 ° C
pairing Hot appetizers of fish, Appetizers steamed fish, White meat, Vegetables in batter, Fresh cheeses, Mixed fried fish, Crustaceans, Mussels

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