Luce della Vite 2018 Igt Toscana - Frescobaldi


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It is the result of a selection of Sangiovese and Merlot grapes capable of producing an immediate and very pleasant wine, in a contemporary style. The perfect expression of the uniqueness of the territory from which it comes. Intense and brilliant red with violet reflections. The nose impresses with hints of berries and jam, but also tobacco and a slight spiciness for intensity and clarity. On the palate the beautiful olfactory notes are found, enriched by a light toasted note. Silky and well blended tannins give excellent roundness and a long persistence.
Your name Light of the Shining Vine 2018
Type Still red
IGT Toscano or Toscana
Year 2018
Format 0,75 l Standard
Region Toscana
Vines Merlot, Sangiovese
Location Montalcino (SI)
harvest Merlot: 5th September. Sangiovese: 19th September.
Fermentation temperature 28 ° C
Fermentation period 10 days.
winemaking Fermentation: in thermo-conditioned stainless steel. Maceration on the skins: 20 days. Malolactic fermentation performed in steel.
Refinement 12 months in barrique (partly new and partly used).
Grado alcohol 14,50% by volume
Total acidity 5,78 gr / L
PH 3,35
Production vintage 200.000 bottles

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