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La Segreta takes its name from the wood that surrounds our Ulmo vineyard. This young and fresh wine obtained mainly from Nero d'Avola grapes, flag of Sicily of wine, gains personality and style with the addition of international grapes. All the grapes are expertly cultivated in Planeta's own vineyards. La Segreta is a versatile companion for everyday drinking, suitable for the most diverse occasions. It is a perfect approach to the Sicily of wine with its right relationship between quality and price, guaranteed by the patient work of the Planeta family, from the vineyard to the ruby ​​red wine with clear purple reflections. Explosive aromas of cocoa, tobacco and fresh fruit. Mulberry, plums and slightly mentholated balsamic notes emerge. Ripe and astringent-free tannins blend with a fresh alcoholic structure and well-balanced tannins.
Your name Planeta La Segreta Rosso 2019
Type Still red
DOC Sicilia Red
Year 2019
Group 0,75 l Standard
Region Sicily
Vines 5% Cabernet Franc, 50% Nero d'Avola, 25% Merlot, 20% Syrah
Location Menfi (AG), Noto (SR) - 100/250 meters
Soil composition PANTRY: medium deep soil, scarce almost absent skeleton, medium calcareous; ULMO: Medium-textured, medium-deep to deep soil with an abundant skeleton consisting of pebbles, slightly calcareous, and with fractions of dark and vegetal soils. GURRA: The soils, calcareous and very clayey.BUONIVINI: very calcareous soils, abundant and small skeleton; weaving end with light colored clay fraction.
Breeding system Espalier, spurred cordon
N. plants per hectare 4.500
Yield per hectare 90 q.
harvest Merlot and Syrah in early September, Nero D'Avola end September
Production technique Fermentation in stainless steel vats.
winemaking Destemming followed by 10-14 days on the skins; after racking aging in stainless steel tanks.
Grado alcohol 13,00% by volume
Total acidity 6,35 gr / L
PH 3,45
Production vintage 700.000 bottles
Sulfites Contains sulfites
pairing Pasta with tuna sauce, fresh pasta with mushrooms, sliced ​​with Planeta oil, ideal for Sunday lunch with family or friends at home. Ossobuco, all kinds of barbecues, not very demanding cheeses. Parmigiana aubergines, timbale of anelletti, potato gateau, grilled sausage. Grilled fennel sausage, anelletti with meat sauce and fresh ricotta, grouper with olives, capers and tomato fresh. Palermitan-style breaded swordfish fillet, grilled vegetable vinaigrette, bites of mahi mahi, ginger, fennel with saffron, oregano sauce, sausage ravioli and mustard (wild mustard sprouts)

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