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Ca' del Bosco

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Il Franciacorta Brut Cuvée Prestige Ca 'del Bosco is one white sparkling wine brut produced with the classic method. The terroir is that of Franciacorta, which has always been the emblem of the best Italian winemaking tradition. A fascinating story that of Franciacorta Brut Cuvée Prestige. It was born in 2007 but it is the result of thirty years of research that starts from a very specific goal: to recreate a wine similar to the Champagne French. The rolling hills of Erbusco allow the realization of this dream. In a short time the sparkling wine becomes the most refined emblem of Franciacorta production. The land that hosts the vineyards is largely composed of sand, silt, pebbles and gravel. The particular climate is one of the main factors responsible for the richness of the sparkling wine. Thanks to its proximity to the Pre-Alps, the Po Valley and Lake Iseo, the temperature is mild and above all without great temperature variations.

Franciacorta Brut Cuvée Prestige comes from a blend composed of 84% Chardonnay, 2% Pinot Bianco and 14% of Pinot Noir, grapes from 134 vineyards. Generally raised a guyot, are harvested by hand during the first ten days of August. After harvesting, the clusters are cooled and then carefully checked one by one. Only after this step can the alcoholic fermentation which takes place in steel tanks until the following March. After seven months of aging the creation of the vintage with the union of wine with noble wines of reserve of the richest and most renowned vintages. Twenty-five months on the lees and a dégorgement in the absence of oxygen, these are the last measures that give an unmistakable and precious identity to this sparkling wine.
Very fine perlage. Straw yellow with emerald brightness. It releases aromas of candied citrus, kiwi, papaya and warm bread. Taste of overwhelming freshness and flavor, supported by a captivating persistence of citrus and fragrant notes. 
Your name Ca 'del Bosco Franciacorta Cuvee Prestige Extra Brut
Type Sparkling white classic method extra brut
DOCG Franciacorta Extra Brut
Format 0,75 l Standard
Region Lombardia
Vines 84% Chardonnay, 2% Pinot Bianco, 14% Pinot Noir
Location 157 Chardonnay vineyards planted an average of 30 years ago located in the municipalities of Erbusco, Adro, Cazzago San Martino, Corte Franca, Iseo and Passirano. 5 Pinot Bianco vineyards planted an average of 27 years ago located in the municipality of Passirano. 27 Pinot Nero vineyards planted an average of 20 years ago located in the municipalities of Erbusco, Provaglio d'Iseo and Passirano
harvest Third decade of August and first decade of September.
winemaking The base wines of the Cuvée Prestige are the result of a careful selection of the grapes and a wise one winemaking conducted in full respect for the Ca 'del Bosco Method. The grapes, harvested by hand in small boxes, are classified and cooled. Each bunch is selected by expert eyes and hands, to then benefit from the exclusive "terme degli acini". A particular system of washing and hydromassage of the bunches, through three soaking tanks and a drying tunnel. After pressing in the absence of oxygen, all the musts of the base wines ferment in temperature-controlled steel tanks and remain here until the following March. Seven months of aging they are therefore necessary for the wine to clear up, mature and bring out the best character of the vineyards of origin. The wines are then expertly assembled in the "magic rite" of creating the cuvée. Only after a aging on the lees of at least 2 years this Franciacorta can express all its richness and identity. The dégorgement takes place in the absence of oxygen, using a unique system, designed and patented by Ca 'del Bosco. This avoids oxidative shocks, further additions of sulphites and makes our Franciacortas purer, more pleasant and longer-lived. Finally, each packaged bottle is uniquely marked, to ensure traceability.
Refinement 25 months on the lees.
Grado alcohol 12,50% by volume
Total acidity 5,37 gr / L
PH 3,16
Sulfites Contains sulfites
Other Virtue written in the etymology of an ancient term: idem, or being oneself. Cuvée Prestige, the essence of Franciacorta in the Ca 'del Bosco style. A jewel born in 2007 from thirty years of knowledge. Only the best selections of Chardonnay, Pinot nero and Pinot bianco grapes from the best vineyards are vinified separately and wisely assembled to the reserves of the best vintages (at least 20%), in the magical rite of creating the Cuvée. Only after at least 25 months of aging on the lees this wine will be able to express its richness and identity. A Franciacorta classic, balanced, pleasantly fresh e sour. Perfect for any occasion.

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