Conte della Vipera 2020 Igt - Castello della Sala Antinori

Castello della Sala Antinori

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Straw yellow with greenish reflections. It is characterized by citrus notes of grapefruit well in harmony with the hints of aromatic herbs and elderflower. Fruity aromas and delicate mineral sensations come together in harmony. Strong and persistent in the aftertaste.


Your name Castle of the Conte della Vipera Hall 2020
Type Still white
IGT Umbria
Year 2020
Group 0,75 l Standard
Region Umbria
Vines Sauvignon, Semillon
Story The vineyards destined for the Conte della Vipera are located at a height ranging from 250 to 350 meters above sea level on a soil rich in marine fossil sediments. The wine takes its name from the first owners of the Castello della Sala and the label shows a drawing of the XNUMXth century Chapel of San Giovanni located on the property. The first vintage of Conte della Vipera produced was the 1997.
Location Loc. Sala - Ficulle (TR)
harvest The harvest of Sauvignon Blanc began around end in August and ended with the harvest of Sémillon towards the middle of September. The grapes were healthy, ripe, characterized by excellent freshness and an excellent profile aromatic.
Fermentation temperature Max 16 ° C
winemaking The moment of harvesting of Sauvignon Blanc and Sèmillon was chosen by seeking the balance between sugar concentration and maximum expression of the grape varietal aromas. The bunches, harvested manually, were immediately transferred to the cellar and cooled through the passage in a refrigerated conveyor which, by lowering the temperature before pressing, preserved the characteristic varietal aromas. After soft pressing, the musts, kept for a few hours at a temperature of 10 ° C so as to allow their natural clarification, were transferred to stainless steel tanks, where the alcoholic fermentation at a temperature not top at 16 ° C. Once this operation was completed, the wine was stored at a temperature of about 10 ° C to prevent the unfolding of the malolactic fermentation and keep the organoleptic characteristics unaltered. The two varieties were then combined so that one could "complete" the other.
Grado alcohol 12,50% by volume

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