Cipresseto 2020 Igt Toscana Rosato - Antinori

Santa Cristina Antinori

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Versatile and disengaged

Wine is a living thing, son of the earth that nourishes it and the producer who sees it born and changed, harvest after harvest, evolving in color, aroma and flavor, can testify to this. The land is fundamental, as are the attentive and loving care that goes to the selection and enhancement of the vines, whether they are typical of the territory, as well as international ones; Antinori know this and the attention they have always paid to making wine has led them to be among the most renowned and famous companies in the entire national and world wine scene. The Santa Cristina winery is located in Cortona, in the heart of the Valdichiana and here, in 1998, Cipresseto was born, one of the first Italian rosé wines based on Sangiovese which, thanks to its delicate structure and fragrant aromas, lends itself to a great versatility of pairing. A fresh, pleasant and drinkable wine, with an excellent quality-price ratio, confirming that to drink well you don't always have to put the bottom of your wallet! Pale and luminous rosé color, it smells of jasmine and rose petals, strawberry juice and aromatic herbs, all wrapped in a soft mineral vein. The taste is consistent, fresh and moderately savory, with a pleasant fruity finish. Perfect as an aperitif, it goes well with dishes based on fish and shellfish, with vegetables au gratin, with delicate white meats and fresh cheeses.

Your name Cipresseto 2020 Igt Toscana Rosato
Type Pinkish
Year 2020
Group 0,75 l Standard
Region Tuscany
Vines Sangiovese, Various
Grado alcohol 11,00%
Ideal consumption
Aperitif, Meat, Cheese, Fish, First Course, Salami

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