Chianti Classico 2018 Docg Magnum - Castello di Volpaia

Castello di Volpaia

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IL Chianti Classic Volpaia is a denomination wine DOCG produced in Toscana from the cellars of Volpaia Castle which sinks its ancient winemaking traditions into the XNUMXth century. THE vines used for the production of this organic red still are the Sangiovese (90%), the Merlot (5%) and the Syrah (5%). The sangiovese it's a vine red berry native to Tuscany but widespread throughout the Italian territory which is characterized by a tendentially late ripening. The Merlot it has a good ability to adapt to the climates of the whole wine world and in Italy it represents the sixth most cultivated grape. The syrah instead it is characterized by blue colored berries and a pruinose and thin skin, it has a good resistance to climatic adversities but is very sensitive to water stress.
The altitude and the sandy-silty soil on which the vineyards of the Volpaia village stand favor a slow ripening of the grapes and the considerable temperature variations between day and night that give the wine its particular organoleptic characteristics.

La harvest it is carried out strictly by hand with the use of 15/20 kg cases. After the destemming time to separate the grapes from the stalk and a light one pressing the process begins alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature and with the use of indigenous yeasts. The first phase of fermentation lasts 14 days and involves 2 cycles of punching down per day, in order to re-immerse the pomace in the must, favoring the erection and multiplication of alcoholic ferments. After maceration on the skins for a period of 10 days, the malolactic fermentation. THE'aging, which has a duration of 14 months, is made in Slavonian oak barrels with a variable capacity ranging from 15 to 35 hectoliters. Intense ruby ​​red. Clear notes of red fruit and cherries in alcohol. Wine with good structure and softness, with a fruity aftertaste. 
Your name Volpaia Chianti Castle Classic Volpaia 2018
Type Still organic red
DOCG Chianti Classico
Year 2018
Format 1,5 l Magnum in wooden case
Region Toscana
Vines 10% Merlot, 90% Sangiovese
Location Loc. Sant'Angelo in Colle - Montalcino (SI)
Weather Altitude: 400-600 masl. Exposure: South, South-East, South-West, East-South-East.
Soil composition Sandstone (oligocene) of sandy / silty type (Castellino and Santa Maria Novella).
Breeding system Guyot
N. plants per hectare 1038-2306
Yield per hectare 34-45 hl
harvest Manual, September 13 - October 12.
Refinement In barrels of about 30 hectoliters for 12 months.
Grado alcohol 14,00% by volume
Total acidity 5,60 gr / L
Residual sugars , 80 g / L
Production vintage 120.000 bottles

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