Chardonnay 2020 Masseria Maime - Tormaresca Antinori

Tormaresca Antinori

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Lo Chardonnay is produced by Tormaresca, in the company that bears the name and represents Antinori In southern Italy. Founded in 1998 it's composed by 2 estates: Bocca di Wolf, located in the Murgia of Bari e Masseria Maime, located in the beating heart of Puglia, the Salento. Antinori's goal is precisely to enhance the terroir Apulian, which despite having been for a long time among the main producers of wine grapes of the peninsula, has never been able to express its identity. Cultivating alone vines autochthonous in harmony and cohesion with the territory, in recent years the company has been contributing to the wine renaissance of the region.

Produced on the estate Masseria Maime, in the middle of an expanse of woods and pine forest, the Tormaresca Chardonnay it is the result of the attention to detail, the enthusiasm and passion of the company. It is produced with the best grapes selected and harvested by hand of the homonymous vine and once brought to the cellar they are softly pressed without damaging the grape. Before being fermented the must is cold e maintained to one day a at a temperature of 10°C. The result is a natural clarification which makes the mass ready for the fermentation alcoholic that occurs in tanks of stainless steel at a controlled temperature of 16 ° C. The Tormaresca Chardonnay before being sold follows a aging steel which continues until bottling and subsequent sale. The result is a great wine freshness e fragrance which is not usual for a white from southern Italy, the characteristic aroma of exotic fruits and the flavor that it releases are the hallmarks of cultivation on the Maime estate. Straw yellow with greenish reflections of great brightness. Fresh notes of white flowers, thyme and orange peel. Taste: Fresh and lively, with a delicate savory and fruity aftertaste. A very pleasant and persistent wine.

Your name Tormaresca Chardonnay 2020
Type Still white
IGT Puglia
Year 2020
Format 0,75 l Standard
Region Apulia
Vines 100% Chardonnay
Location Tenute Maìme in S. Pietro Vernotico (80%) and Bocca di Lupo in Minervino Murge (20%).
Production technique The grapes were harvested at technological maturity and immediately mashed in the cellar. After soft pressing, the must it is brought to a temperature of 10 ° C for about 24 hours to obtain a natural decantation. Subsequently most (90%) of the must it is fermented, with selected yeasts, in thermo-conditioned stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 16 ° C. Another part (10%) is fermented in 2nd passage barriques, in thermo-conditioned rooms.
winemaking The stay in wood, during which the malolactic fermentation takes place, lasts for about 3 months, after which the wine is aged in steel and assembled with the other part.
Grado alcohol 12,00% by volume

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