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A wine that has become the very image of the Sicilian change of wine. It was born from the vision of being able to compete with the world in the production of this noble and widespread vine. A long road that began in 1985, full of surprises and successes. Today Planeta Chardonnay is an icon for the whole of Sicily. The vineyards of Ulmo and Maroccoli that compose it are unique in terms of position and terroir. The fermentation and aging in French woods, which for years has been careful and precise, gives us an extraordinary wine for grace and power. Light gold, deep but transparent. A subtle mineral trait makes the flavor of ripe yellow peaches, acacia honey and almond paste dialogue harmoniously with the most peaty, cereal and toasted aromas. It is a soft white supported by a refreshing acid vein that accompanies the whole tasting.
Your name Planeta Chardonnay 2019
Type Semi-still whitearomatic
DOC Menfi Chardonnay
Year 2019
Group 0,75 l Standard
Region Sicily
Vines 100% Chardonnay
Location Sambuca di Sicilia (AG)
Weather Altitude: Ulmo 250 masl, Maroccoli 415 masl
Soil composition ULMO medium-textured, medium-deep to deep soil with an abundant skeleton consisting of pebbles, slightly calcareous, and with fractions of dark and vegetal soils. MOROCCOLI soil rich in skeleton, on average clay with abundant silty fraction.
Breeding system Spurred cordon.
N. plants per hectare ULMO 4.500 plants per hectare MOROCCOLI 5.000 plants per hectare.
Yield per hectare ULMO 65 q., MOROCCOLI 75 q.
harvest ULMO 4 September. MOROCCOLI September 10th.
winemaking After destemming, soft pressing and static sedimentation at low temperature. Fermentation at 18 ° C in barriques; follows aging 11 months with bâtonnage performed every 10 days.
Refinement In 225 liter Allier oak barriques, 50% new and 50% 2nd and 3rd passage.
Grado alcohol 13,50% by volume
Total acidity 5,85 gr / L
PH 3,38
Production vintage 150.000 bottles
Sulfites Contains sulfites
pairing Try it, for a change, with lightly seared foie gras or roast veal with a mushroom sauce.

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