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L'Oddero Barbera d'Alba Top it is a wine DOC very valuable, whose production has its ancient roots between 700 and 800, when the first vines grown in Piedmont began to be vinified. The process of winemaking of this wine is divided into phases: after a careful selection of the grapes in the vine, which usually takes place in the last ten days of September, these are placed in stainless steel containers to start the fermentation phase and maceration which will last about two weeks. Fermentation will then follow malolactic in November, which is a fermentation process that will bring the wine to maturity and is subsequent to alcoholic fermentation. THE'aging, which generally takes place in French oak barrels, has a duration of 18 months, far exceeding the 12 months of aging required for naming top.

Il Barbera d'Alba is produced in Piedmont. The region of northern Italy bordering Switzerland and France to the north and located at the foot of the Alps. This mountain range creates a shield effect that allows Piedmont to have a scarcely rainy climate in winter and hot, sometimes hot, in summer. The vine used for the production of this wine is exclusively the barbera, used alone and more commonly referred to in the feminine (barbera). Its medium-sized berries are characterized by a thin, blue skin intense and with a neutral taste and give the wine a high level of acidity. The barbera it stands out for its innate resistance to the most adverse climatic conditions and for its high yield. Red ruby intense with purple reflections. Presents a fruit in full maturity, with excellent fresh overtones. The tannin it is important, keeping the backbone classic of Barbera, also due to its pleasant acidity.


Your name Oddero Barbera d'Alba Top 2018
Type Still red
DOC Barbera d'Alba Superiore
Year 2018
Group 0,75 l Standard
Region Piedmont
Vines 100% Barber
Location Castiglione of Sicily (CT)
Weather Altitude: 250 meters above sea level. Exposure: south.
Breeding system Guyot with espalier.
N. plants per hectare 4700
Yield per hectare 90 q
harvest Third decade of September.
winemaking Selection of grapes in the vineyard, fermentation e maceration for about 15 days in stainless steel containers, follows malolactic fermentation in November.
Refinement In French oak barrels of 50 Hl for a 40%, for a 60% in small barrels of 225 l. The duration of aging is 18 months, blending in spring, bottling in summer.
Grado alcohol 14,50% by volume
Production vintage 12.000 bottles

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