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Produttori del Barbaresco

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Il Barbaresco of the Barbaresco producers it is one of the finest red wines of Piedmont, with an ancient history. He was first named a end 700 'but it is around 1894 that the Barbaresco begins to conquer the world thanks to Domino Gavazza and his Cantine Sociali. After him, in 1958, Don Fiorino Marengo founded the Barbaresco producers. Today the crops of Barbaresco they are concentrated in some municipalities of the province of Cuneo, Piedmont, and in the famous Langhe area, very rainy and foggy but for this very reason functional to cultivation of Nebbiolovine delicate that requires a slow maturation so as to last, in some years, until late November. The clayey or calcareous-clayey soils together with the altitude of the area are key elements of its cultivation, all to the advantage of the quality of the Barbaresco, wine composed of Nebbiolo 100%.

But how does the winemaking of Barbaresco? At the time of collection of the Nebbiolo grapes, these are pressed to obtain the must, left to ferment in huge vats or steel tanks. Then we proceed to the separation of the skins from wine, which is extracted from the barrels. The latter, provided they are strictly in oak or chestnut, are used to house the Barbaresco throughout the first year, then the wine is further aged for 14 months. THE aging times of Barbaresco so prolonged they are not random but allow him to take the characteristic dry and delicate flavor.

Ruby red, bright and brilliant. Hints of red fruit and spices closed in youth. Powerful tannins, persistent finish. 

Your name Barbaresco Barbaresco 2017 producers
Type Still red
DOCG Barbaresco
Year 2017
Group 0,75 l Standard
Region Piedmont
Vines 100% Nebbiolo
Location Barbaresco (CN)
Weather Exposure: south, west, east.
Soil composition Silty-clayey, calcareous.
winemaking Fermentation in steel at 30 ° C, 28 days on the skins. Replace 2-3 times a day.
Refinement 24 months in oak barrels.
Grado alcohol 14,50% by volume
Sulfites Contains sulfites
pairing Egg pasta, risotto, meat and game dishes.

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