Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2015 Riserva Docg Le origini - Bolla


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Deep and velvety garnet, with a purplish edge. Scent of wild cherries, jam, ripe pear, vanilla, licorice and cedar wood. Full-bodied, warm on the palate with clear hints of cocoa and spices.


Your name Bubble Amarone della Valpolicella Classic The origins Reserve 2015
Type Still red
DOCG Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Riserva
Year 2015
Group 0,75 l Standard
Region Veneto
Vines croaker, 25% Swallow, Corvinone
Location San Pietro in Cariano (VR)
winemaking The clusters carefully selected and collected in plateaus, are transported to the lofts where they remain for about 120 days in conditions of optimal temperature, humidity and ventilation. The drying enriches the berries in sugar concentration (up to 24-25 ° Babo) and in polyphenolic and aromatic compounds. TO end January, the crushing is followed by one maceration pre-fermentation at 5 ° C for about 7 days. Then begins a slow phase of fermentation for 25 days at a controlled temperature (18-22 ° C) followed by another 5 days of maceration post-fermentation at 24 ° C. With the maceration pre-fermentation, a high glycerin content is obtained which increases its importance and softness; while with the post-fermentation one reaches balance, fullness and above all the desired complexity.
Refinement Amarone Classic Reserve "The Origins" begins theaging in traditional 750 liter barrels for 12 months, then for 36 months first in 40 hl and then 80 hl barrels. A aging in the bottle for a further 9 months.
Grado alcohol 15,50% by volume
Total acidity 6,30 gr / L
PH 3,40
Dry extract 35,00 gr / L
Sulfites Contains sulfites
pairing Grilled red meats, ribs, fillet with pepper, pastisada de caval (stewed horse), game or with hard and well seasoned cheeses. Excellent for meditation a end meal with good friends.

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