Your Rita

First year of production: 1984
Property: Rita Tua
Winemaker: Luca D'Attoma
conduction: Conventional, Integrated Defense
Hectares: 47,00
Address: from the Rosignano-Roma highway, Venturina-Piombino exit
As usual, a selection of extraordinary labels, the result of very careful processing both in the vineyard where we find considerable planting density, and in the cellar, working with care and a light touch. Few are the realities in the world capable of presenting such class in an entire sequence of wines as in the case of Rita Tua's company. The proof of Syrah Per Semper is incredible for its richness and depth, dedicated to the late Virgilio Bisti, founder of the winery, and unmistakable for its authenticity the Giusto di Notri, whose name is borrowed from the saint who titled the parish of Suvereto and the first vineyard house located in Notri. From the initial 2 hectares of vineyard in the mid-eighties, today there are 47, capable of churning out oenological wonders year after year.