Silvio Nardi estates

First year of production: 1950
Property: Nardi family
Winemaker: Emanuele Nardi
Agronomist: Vittorio Strineari
conduction: Conventional
Bottles produced: 250.000
Hectares: 80,00
Address: from the Cassia, near Buonconvento, continue towards Bibbiano and Casale del Bosco.
The Silvio Nardi estates currently consist of a total of 80 hectares of vineyards, divided into three different estates, in Casale del Bosco - the historic one and still the heart of the company, to the west - in Manachiara (south-east area) and in Bibbiano ( in the municipality of Buonconvento). Emilia Nardi, who took over from her father in the management of the company in 1990, undertook a process of restructuring the vineyards and reorganizing the cellar, combining the experience of tradition with scientific research and the introduction of clonal selections. The birth of the company crus, Manachiara (1995) and Poggio Doria (2004), accompanied a constant and recognized qualitative growth of the labels: over time, thanks to the combination of the typical clones of the area with the soils and the company style, the wines will be increasingly attributable to the Estates. There are five Sangiovese “Nardi” biotypes undergoing certification, while in the vineyard 36 homogeneous parcels have been identified, on the basis of which the harvest is planned.