Trinoro estate

First year of production: 1995
Property: Andrea Franchetti
Winemaker: Andrea Franchetti
Agronomist: Andrea Franchetti
conduction: Conventional
Bottles produced: 85.000
Hectares: 22,00
Address: from the A1 / exit at Chiusi-Chianciano T. and continue towards Sarteano.
Breaking a tradition dating back to ancient times, reforged after the war, which saw the Sangiovese grape as an axiom typical of local enology, Andrea Franchetti went to the lands of Bordeaux's orthodoxy to create his super red. In 1995, after 1000 and one experimentation, Le Cupole was born, followed two years later by the Tenuta di Trinoro which in the United States, a country so familiar to Andrea of ​​an American mother, literally broke through. Since then a river of ideas has passed through the head of the vigneron, which have resulted in the birth of a complete range always inspired by an artistic perception of life, together with the production of wines obtained from the processing of vines that climb the slopes of the Etna with the Passopisciaro company of which you will find a dedicated card. The 2017 vintage was not favorable for Merlot, so let's taste the 2016 Palazzi that battle on equal terms with a sublime class sample.