Salviano estate

First year of production: 1900
Property: Eleonora and Govanni Incisa della Rocchetta
Winemaker: Massimo Chirico with the advice of Giorgio Marone
Agronomist: Roberto Corsetti
conduction: Conventional
Bottles produced: 120.000
Hectares: 58,00
Address: from the A1 exit at Orvieto and continue on the SP90 towards Civitella del Lago.
The name Incisa della Rocchetta has a very strong evocative value for all wine lovers. The Marquis Mario, inventor of Sassicaia, was undoubtedly one of the best known and most loved characters abroad, and Niccolò, his son, was able to continue his work well. But wine, it can be said, flows in the family blood, if Eleonora and Giovanni, grandchildren of Niccolò, have in turn embarked on the enological adventure through the splendid and ancient Tenuta di Salviano, in Civitella del Lago, a magical place on the shores of Corbara Lake. Tenuta di Salviano is today an important reality, strongly rooted in the territory but attentive to experimentation, as evidenced by the excellent performances of the Superumbrian Turlo 'and the white Salviano di Salviano. The joke is obvious, but pertinent: good blood doesn't lie.