Argentiera estate

First year of production: 1999
Property: Stanislaus Turnauer
Winemaker: Stephane Derenoncourt, Nicolò Carrara
Agronomist: Leonardo Raspini
conduction: Conventional
Bottles produced: 450.000
Hectares: 78,00
Address: Aurelia state road up to km 260, between San Vincenzo and Donoratico.
The Bolgheri Superiore of Tenuta Argentiera in its thirteenth vintage is a teenager already mature and well structured, which manages to put the most pretentious tasters in agreement thanks to its unique organoleptic qualities. The dry 2016 vintage then, in these soils close to the Tyrrhenian Sea, gave life to grapes rich in tannins that ripened at the right time, and the soils for their part, the highest of the appellation, gave the classic mineral nuances which come from their original nature of precious deposits. The work here never stops, with the awareness that the game is always at stake and that the catalog of enchantments that these lands can offer is far from exhausted.