First year of production: 1630
Property: Lorenzo Tedeschi family
Winemaker: Riccardo Tedeschi
Agronomist: Riccardo Tedeschi
conduction: Sustainable
Bottles produced: 500.000
Hectares: 46,00
Address: from the A22 exit Verona nord, then towards Valpolicella and Pedemonte.
The Tedeschi family has been deeply rooted in the Valpolicella territory since 1630, even if the homonymous winery was born only, so to speak, in the early 1900s. The Germans have always believed in the potential of the lands of Valpolicella and, year after year , have managed to bring the company to the top of Venetian enology and to make their wines known all over the world. The company's vineyards, 46 hectares in total, are all located in a hilly position and some of these are part of the historic vineyards of the Valpolicella Classico, such as the famous Monte Olmi, which was among the first crus of the appellation. The Fabriseria vineyard is also historic, which gives its name to an entire line of wines that also includes the famous Amarone, produced only in exceptional vintages. The purchase of the Maternigo estate, in eastern Valpolicella, led the company to total autonomy in the production of grapes. And it is precisely in Maternigo that the work of zoning and characterizing all the vineyards has begun. A fundamental research that marks a record in Valpolicella. The perfect knowledge of the soils and the behavior of the plants in each single parcel of the vineyard has allowed us to optimize agronomic management and to embark on a path of environmental sustainability, begun years ago, which led the company to obtain the Biodiversity Friend certification and, to follow, the certification according to the Equalitas sustainability standard.