First year of production: 1874
Property: Speri family
Winemaker: Alberto Speri
Agronomist: Giampietro Speri
conduction: Biological
Bottles produced: 380.000
Hectares: 60,00
Address: from the Verona Nord motorway exit, continue on the ring road towards Trento-Valpolicella.
The historic Valpolicella Classica company boasts very ancient origins. Having become a reference point for the denomination through continuity and strong roots in the territory, for seven generations it has told the story of a land rich in traditions and ancient values ​​and for this very reason open to innovation. Thanks to the attention and respect for the environment, the organic certification has been obtained for many years, as a guarantee of high quality production. Amarone Sant'Urbano, not produced in 2014, a vintage with a problematic climatic trend for the grapes, is in an amazing form, the result of a year that, unlike the previous one, promises to become one of the best of the century.