Puiatti - Bertani

First year of production: 1967
Property: Bertani Domains Srl
Winemaker: Andrea Giuriato
Agronomist: Andrea Lonardi
conduction: Sustainable
Bottles produced: 450.000
Hectares: 46,00
Address: from the Venice-Trieste motorway, take the Gradisca d'Isonzio exit and continue towards Romans d'Isonzo.
The philosophy of the company owned by the Angelini Group is based on some fundamental concepts: harvest at the right degree of ripeness, vinification not in contact with the skins, processing exclusively in steel and, for the whites, no malolactic. It follows that the wines of Puiatti prefer the purity of the varietal aromas of the vines, the freshness and agility of drinking; a modern approach that aims to enhance the essence of the territory and the recognizability of each cultivar. Hence the idea of ​​the "Archetipi" line, which represents a didactic example of the personality of traditional Friulian vines, above all Ribolla Gialla and Sauvignon, absolute models of finesse and subtle complexity.