First year of production: 1990
Property: Salvatore Geraci
Winemaker: Donato Lanati
Agronomist: Giampiero Geraci
conduction: Conventional
Bottles produced: 25.000
Hectares: 7,00
Address: from the Messina-Catania motorway, exit at Tremestieri, continue towards S. Stefano Briga.
A piece of the archaic history of Sicily, dating back to the myth of Scilla and Charybdis, is all contained in this company and in its emblematic wine: the Lighthouse. In the ancient Sicilian 700th century villa, the Palari Agricultural Company has resumed the production of this ancient and noble wine since 1990, whose heart has its roots in the Palari district of S. Stefano Briga di Messina, where the vineyards of alberello dominate hills with dizzying slopes overlooking the sea naturally and caressed by the winds of the Messina Strait. Style, elegance, overwhelming friendliness and a lot of competence are the qualities displayed with class and nobility by the patron of Palari, Salvatore Geraci. A concentrate so explosive that it can be found as energy itself in its wines, the Rosso del Soprano and the Faro. Nectars made from Nerello Mascalese, Cappuccio and Nocera grapes, which have always been at the center of our attention for their great savory bite, capable of perfectly embodying the spirit of that Sicily divided between seas, mountains and hills, beaten by the winds and cradled by a belly heat flowing into the bowels of the ground. The reincarnation made wine of the four elements of the planet: earth, fire, water and air. We will have to wait until next year for the tasting of Rosso del Soprano 2017, which still rests in its home. Il Faro, on the other hand, is a wine capable of materializing its essence, comparable to something concrete and not abstract, not only aromas and flavors, but contact with the body, a caressing breath that warms the soul and heart, as if it were an embrace. love. Here then is enough to imagine sipping this wine, to stimulate a parallelism with the greatest embrace of love that has ever been created in a work of art, unique and world-famous, such as that of "Cupid and Psyche" by Canova. One of the most beautiful love legends ever. It was written by the Latin writer Apuleius in his "Metamorphoses" in the second century AD. Metaphor of the eternal battle between rationality and instinct, between heart and brain, the legend tells the story of the God Love (Cupid) and the beautiful Psyche. For us the Lighthouse is the symbol of a genius and a recklessness that translates into divine love.