First year of production: 1878
Property: Piero Mastroberardino
Winemaker: Massimo Di Renzo
Agronomist: Antonio Dente
conduction: Sustainable
Bottles produced: 1.800.000
Hectares: 250,00
Address: from Naples-Bari, Avellino east exit, continue towards Atripalda
Mastroberardino, one of the oldest wineries in the Campania region, passing from generation to generation, pursues the same objectives: to preserve the typicality of native vines, to take care of the vineyards with dedication and to aim for quality. To celebrate this long journey, the MIMA, Mastroberardino Atripalda Enterprise Museum was inaugurated on May 15, 2019, conceived and curated by Piero Mastroberardino, who traced the steps of the nine generations of family that preceded him, in a path that it embraces three centuries of family history through documents and objects that tell the story of the family in a timeline that intersects with the frenetic historical events of those years. In terms of experimentation, the Stilèma project is underway, which tends to re-evaluate the agronomic and oenological techniques of the 70s, 80s and 90s, through the expression of the three grape varieties Fiano, Greco and Aglianico. The result is an articulated and continuously increasing qualitative proposal. Absent this year Stilèma and the Taurasi Radici Riserva, which we will meet again next year; Naturalis Historia Taurasi instead always at the top, very accurate, full of personality, finesse and elegance.