The Casemates

First year of production: 2008
Property: Andrea Barzagli, Gianfranco Sabbatino
Winemaker: Carlo Ferrini
Agronomist: Carlo Ferrini
conduction: Biological
Bottles produced: 40.000
Hectares: 11,00
Address: from Messina take the panoramic road to Faro Superiore.
The company was founded in 2008 from the dream of its founder, accountant Gianfranco Sabbatino, who was joined by the footballer Andrea Barzagli. Gianfranco claims attachment to his Sicily and its culture in the hope of being able to add a new piece to a specialized entrepreneurial fabric. The company is located on the hills north of Messina, in Faro Superiore, the hilly village that gives its name to the entire Faro Doc denomination, in a healthy territory where the balance of the earth strengthens the natural resistance of plants and their cycle. The name Casematte derives from the singular presence of three casemates, small forts used as a refuge for sentries, dating back to the First and Second World War. The vineyards reach up to 500 meters above sea level, are north facing and overlook the sea. The management system is that of organic farming, this to best enhance the organoleptic qualities of the wine in a unique terroir of its kind. The cellar has recently been enlarged and equipped with a new barrel cellar and a beautiful and panoramic tasting room. This year the novelty is represented by the entry on the market of the Nanuci label, a wine produced from the native Nocera vine, a grape very similar to the Nerelli grapes grown in the Messina area since very ancient times.