The Crotta of Vegneron

First year of production: 1980
Property: Cooperative Society, President Sandro Théodule
Winemaker: Andrea Costa
Agronomist: Fabrizio Prosperi
conduction: Conventional
Bottles produced: 200.000
Hectares: 25,00
Address: from the A5, exit Châtillon Saint Vincent, continue on the SS26 as far as Chambave
20.000 average bottles / year baked from a mountain production area where wine is an integral part of the local culture. The Cooperative was born in 1980 with about 25 members, now more than 70, who operate in the areas of the Chambave appellations also including the municipalities of Châtillon, Saint Vincent, Saint Denis and Verrayes, and Nus which in turn includes the municipalities of Quart and Fénis. Difficult viticulture therefore with harvests that are carried out up to 850 meters above sea level, in an exclusive microclimate in the least rainy area of ​​the region where temperature variations are the order of the day. The range presented is very significant where in addition to the processing of native vines we also find interpretations of beloved varieties from beyond the Alps with Syrah and Pinot Noir. At the tastings, as usual, Moscato Passito Prieuré beats all in this edition of the 2017 vintage.