Grattamacco Collemassari

First year of production: 1977
Property: Maria Iris Tipa Bertarelli, Claudio Tipa
Winemaker: Maurizio Castelli, Luca Marrone
Agronomist: Giuliano Guerrini
conduction: Certified organic
Bottles produced: 150.000
Hectares: 28,00
Address: from the SS1 Aurelia, exit Donoratico, proceed towards Castagneto Carducci, after one km turn towards Bolgheri.
If we were to mention a Bolgheri that seems eternal in its evolutionary parable this would certainly be the Grattamacco. With Maurizio Castelli as consultant in the cellar and Luca Marrone as in-house oenologist, it seems that here the right actions to take never get out of hand. A red that excites both in its youth and after long years of aging in the bottle and capable of wonders in blind tasting among wines of equal rank. His secret? Probably that of having a substantial share of Sangiovese in its blend, something exclusive in the area, which allows it to work miracles in terms of maturation and aromatic explosiveness. Not to be underestimated is the younger brother Bolgheri Rosso, a very centered wine of exhilarating elegance.