First year of production: 1997
Property: Meregalli family
Winemaker: Paolo Rivella
Agronomist: Paolo Rivella
conduction: Conventional
Bottles produced: 300.000
Hectares: 50,00
Address: from the E80 exit at Gavorrano.
Fertility and luck are the words that give the name to this beautiful Maremma company. Owned by the renowned Meregalli distribution house, which boasts in its catalog among the most important wine and spirits labels in the world, Fertuna is a very reliable wine company that maintains a high quality standard year after year. The concept that is increasingly being traced both in the vineyard and in the cellar is that of not altering what mother nature provides good, and so on medium-textured and clayey soils, very healthy grapes grow, processed with great care during the vinification phase. After a year off, the Cabernet Lodai and Merlot Mesiio, fragrant and harmonious local wines, return to tasting.