Ferdinando Principiano

First year of production: 1993
Property: Ferdinando Principiano
Winemaker: Ferdinando Principiano
Agronomist: Ferdinando Principiano
conduction: Biological
Bottles produced: 120.000
Hectares: 20,00
Address: from the A6 Turin-Savona, exit Marene for Barolo-Monforte.
Reading the words of Ferdinando Principiano describing the presentation of his company is pure poetry. Revealing the feeling of birth and growth of life in the Langhe is something that every producer always jealously guards but that when shared without hesitation, generates an unexpected emotion. This is the story of a man who in 1993 took up the baton of the family winery, guards its secrets, enriches its nuances by mixing his Piedmontese accent with his wife's Spanish accent and his children's Macedonian one, creating a melting pot generational that increases this territory of greater vitality and becomes an incentive to create something new and full of hope. After an initial period of agriculture conducted with the conventional method, Ferdinando discovers and embraces the idea of ​​a natural approach to the land and its wines, abandoning the use of chemistry and technology both in the vineyard and in the cellar. 2006 is the first vintage presented with agricultural management of the land and the totally natural cellar. In the production landscape all the Langa excellences are defended, from Nebbiolo grapes to Barbera, to Dolcetto together with the international varieties of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay used in Alta Langa for the classic method. In the three Barolos, Ravera di Monforte, Serralunga d'Alba and Boscareto, an invisible thread binds them with the soul of Ferdinando, creating a connection between the feelings of the three distinct personalities of the wines, with the emotion of those who lead them for a life until they are shared with the rest of the world.