San Giusto A Rentennano Farm

First year of production: 1905
Property: Martini brothers of Cigala
Winemaker: Attilio Pagli
Agronomist: Ruggero Mazzilli
conduction: Certified organic
Bottles produced: 85.000
Hectares: 30,00
Address: from the SP08 towards Gaiole, follow the signs for San Regolo and San Giusto a Rentennano.
In the San Giusto a Rentennano farm, wine has been made since the Middle Ages, a time when there was a Cistercian monastery on the site which later became a border fortress between Siena and Florence, of which crenellated walls and cellars are still visible. Productively linked to the Castle of Brolio of Barone Ricasoli, the property will be freed from that of the manor at the dawn of the twentieth century. Located in an admirable position, in the southern quadrant of the appellation, it enjoys the most typical soils of the Classic area, consisting of marl tuff and alberese, a legendary morphological triptych in the wine sector. Today the Martini brothers from Cigala run the company with style and very clear ideas, which go through the organic cultivation of the vineyard, natural fertilizations to energize the land, reuse of purified water and photovoltaics as a choice for electricity. In the fine range of wines, Percarlo stands out, a red that points straight to the heart.