La Braccesca Farm - Antinori

First year of production: 1990
Property: Marchesi Antinori
Winemaker: Fabrizio Balzi
Agronomist: Samuel Collini
conduction: Sustainable
Bottles produced: 480.500
Hectares: 340,00
Address: from the A1, exit Chiusi Chianciano, take the SS146 and follow the signs for Montepulciano.
On the border line between Umbria and Tuscany, where once stood the ancient farm of the Bracci, from which the name and emblem of the estate derive, stands the renowned Poliziana property of the Antinori family. Undisputed ambassadors of Tuscan wine, and beyond, of quality in the world, the Marquises invested in these prestigious lands in the 789s, when the ferment of productive renewal was vivid in the area. Wine has always been made here and the first official document in which we talk about the wine of Montepulciano is dated 1992, while even more ancient is an Etruscan document dating back to the second century BC, found only in XNUMX, which among other things reports the presence of a vineyard in the Cortona area, where the family has further invested. The production lines presented in both areas are a clear cross-section of the precious qualities of these lands, interpreted as usual in an exemplary way.