Piazzano farm

Property: Bettarini family
Agronomist: Stefano Bartolomei
conduction: Conventional, Eco-sustainable
Bottles produced: 150.000
Hectares: 33,00
Address: from the A1 exit at Empoli.
The Bettarini wine was born under a bright star. The Farm began to outline its production around the mid-Quarata when Otello, a well-known industrialist from Prato with a passion for astronomy, was so struck by these campaigns that he decided to move there. Certainly it is the stars that have guided him, and that light of the night sky of the Empoli countryside that shines punctually on the beautiful family vineyards. Having passed the production baton to his nephew Riccardo, today the latter's nice children, Rolando and Ilaria, take care of it, he taking care of the cellar, she as sales manager. This year we note the lack of some reds intent on completing the stages of maturation, we will talk about it again in the next edition of the Guide.