Farm House Of Land

First year of production: 1997
Property: Giuliano and Gessica Frollani
Winemaker: Emiliano Falsini, Giuseppe Urciuoli, Edoardo Borraccini
Agronomist: Edoardo Borraccini
conduction: Conventional
Bottles produced: 350.000
Hectares: 46,00
Address: from the Aurelia state road, exit at Donoratico for Bolgheri.
The wine development of this pretty Bolgheri area was gradual. In the fifties the Frollani started a farm suitable for the production of vegetables and oil, which was followed by a timid planting of two hectares with vines in 1997. With the New Millennium the music changed and all the land was planted with grapes, and things got even more serious with the choice to take advantage of the supervision in the cellar of the winemaker-consultant Emiliano Falsini. Today the reality shines among the best in the area, with the Bolgheri Superiore which takes its name from the company, which spreads the authority and Bolgheri class.