Cecchi family

First year of production: 1893
Property: Andrea Cecchi, Cesare Cecchi
Winemaker: Miria Bracali
Agronomist: Giuseppe Mezzedimi, Piero Sabatino, Alessandro Mariani
conduction: Conventional
Bottles produced: 8.500.000
Hectares: 300,00
Address: from the Firenze-Siena highway, exit at Monteriggioni, continue towards Staggia and Castellina in Chianti.
A story that began at the end of the nineteenth century with Luigi Cecchi who as a wine taster decides to go his own way and create a winery, arriving today at Andrea and Cesare who represent the fourth generation of the well-known family dedicated to quality wine. Always in step with the times, the Cecchi have been able to properly expand their possessions to create the current productive empire: starting from the historic cellar of Villa Cerna in Castellina in Chianti, over the years the local borders have been crossed with Castello di Montaùto in territory of San Gimignano, provincial with Val delle Rose in Maremma and regional by acquiring land in the Montefalco area with Tenuta Alzatura in Umbria. In the rich parade of tastings, the wonderful Coevo red is appreciated, a cut above the others.