First year of production: 1982
Property: Alejandro P. Bulgheroni
Winemaker: Luigi Temperini
Agronomist: Lorenzo Bernini
conduction: Biological
Bottles produced: 600.000
Hectares: 158,00
Address: from the A1, Firenze Certosa exit, highway to Siena.
If at the time of the acquisition in 2012 Dievole was an accredited Chianti Classico company, today it is part of a constellation of estates owned by Alejandro Bulgheroni, a successful Argentine oilman with a passion for quality wine. And so to the Ilcinese Poggio Landi and the Bolgheri Tenuta Le Colonne is added Tenuta Meraviglia which rises in the sunny Livorno area of ​​Donoratico. This year we have the opportunity to talk about the sampling of these realities too, which make us fully appreciate the versatility of the technical duo Luigi Temperini as oenologist and Lorenzo Bernini on the agronomic front.