By Majo Norante

First year of production: 1968
Property: Alessio Di Majo Norante
Winemaker: Riccardo Cotarella
Agronomist: Alessio Di Majo Norante
conduction: Certified organic
Bottles produced: 800.000
Hectares: 140,00
Address: from the A14 exit at Termoli and continue on the SS16 towards Foggia, then towards Nuova Cliternia.
Di Majo Norante is one of the oldest wineries in Molise and has been producing wines since 1800 with grapes coming directly from the 85 hectares of their Masseria, which is an ancient fief of the Marquises Norante di Santa Cristina. The winery's philosophy has always been to select native vines and study, with great attention, their adaptability to the microclimate of this territory. We are in Campomarino, a town along the coast, a perfect habitat for vines, with well-drained limestone-sandy soils, crystalline air, thanks to the wind from the nearby Adriatic and the hours of sunshine that represent one of the most important characteristics of this area. Alongside the classic vines such as Trebbiano, Malvasia, Montepulciano and Aglianico, Falanghina, Greco and Moscato Reale are bred. A first-rate winery in the area for research, experimentation and quality of its wines, a judgment reaffirmed this year by a production of the highest quality.