Volpaia Castle

First year of production: 1966
Property: Giovanna Stianti
Winemaker: Lorenzo Regoli, Riccardo Cotarella
Agronomist: Lorenzo Regoli
conduction: Certified organic
Bottles produced: 220.000
Hectares: 46,00
Address: from the A1 exit Firenze Certosa for Greve, Radda and finally Volpaia.
With Castello di Volpaia we speak the language of the sublime terroir and the great production precision. Today, as in the eleventh century, in the village there is nothing but discussing wine and producing it with boundless passion. In the past the property belonged to the illustrious Tuscan family of the Volpaia, builders of precision instruments, to whom we owe the realization of the planetary clock of Palazzo Vecchio commissioned by the Medici thanks to Lorenzo. The underground wine pipeline that involves various buildings of the complex is the demonstration of how rational work was done here already at the time, with the aim of creating wines that would leave an imprint over time. Today the company is among the most acclaimed in Tuscany and a valid ambassador of Chianti Classico in the world. Among the tastings you will also find samples of the excellent Maremma production Castelprile-Prelius.