First year of production: 804
Property: Contini Bonacossi family
Winemaker: Benedetta Contini Bonacossi
conduction: Certified organic
Bottles produced: 350.000
Hectares: 78,00
Address: from Florence SS66 to Seano, from here to Capezzana
Capezzana is a historical name for wine production; wine has been made on these lands since the Middle Ages, as attested by a precious parchment found in the historical archive of Florence dated 804 d. C. which testifies to the local agricultural production. With the Contini Bonacossi family, famous collectors of ancient art and owners since the thirties of the last century, an increasingly enlightened agriculture has gradually developed, today in an organic regime. Huge investments for the modernization of the structure, replanting of the very high density vines and a new very functional cellar, have been the fulcrum of the improvement process that has led the company to be among the most famous in Tuscany. The propensity for collecting meant that bottles of the best vintages produced were kept, and so the lucky ones can taste wines that cover a time span of almost a century. To underline the resistance of the “base” wine over time, as demonstrated by the re-tastings of the Villa di Capezzana - this year it's up to 2009 - which the company puts back on the market every year after ten years with all due respect to the most skeptical.