Leonardo Da Vinci cellars

First year of production: 1961
Property: Cooperative Agricultural Society
Winemaker: Riccardo Pucci
Agronomist: Andrea Meini
conduction: Conventional
Bottles produced: 5.000.000
Hectares: 600,00
Address: from Florence take the Firenze - Pisa - Livorno up to Empoli. Continue on the SP13 up to Vinci.
Five hundred years after the death of Leonardo da Vinci, the cooperative winery named after him went into the study of the letter sent in 1515 by the Genius to his farmer in Fiesole, where it is possible to grasp Leonardo's methodological indications for producing wines of superior quality. By reworking these precepts in a modern key, the winery has codified a production method complete with a registered trademark that it uses to give light to a range of marked organoleptic value. As good patrons of the municipality of Vinci, the contributing members have also worked to create two museums named after the greatest scientist-inventor-artist of all time.