Hunt for the Piano 1868

First year of production: 1998
Property: Guido Berlucchi spa
Winemaker: Arturo Ziliani
Agronomist: Claudio Santini
conduction: Conventional
Bottles produced: 150.000
Hectares: 23,00
Address: from the SS1 Aurelia exit at Donoratico towards Castagneto Carducci, then take the SP16 towards Bolgheri.
An eco-sustainable company, attentive to the environment and its customers, Caccia al Piano 1868, a Bolgheri branch of the well-known Franciacorta sparkling wine company Guido Berlucchi. We are in the countryside of Castagneto Carducci where the sun never seems to set and the Bordeaux style is expressed with class and Mediterranean connotations. The leading wines of this beautiful reality are dedicated to the poet Giosuè Carducci, from whom the town inherited part of its name: Ruit Hora, the title of a poem and Levia Gravia, the name of one of his rhymes. The battery presented represents a clear demonstration of empathy with the territory, with tasty samples offered at the right selling price.