First year of production: 1929
Property: Stefano Cesari
Winemaker: Enrico Nicolis, Marco Furia
Agronomist: Stefano Cesari
conduction: Conventional
Bottles produced: 300.000
Hectares: 50,00
Address: from the Verona Nord exit, towards Valpolicella, San Floriano.
The Cesari family's company is really very beautiful, thanks to a fifteenth-century villa, which houses a cellar and drying rooms, and a patrimony of vineyards that has progressively grown over the years, up to the current fifty hectares. There are three sites, each with its own contribution to the personality of Brigaldara wines. In the municipalities of San Pietro and Marano, around the cellar, the altitude ranges from 150 to 250 meters, with clayey and sandy soils resting on a tuffaceous matrix; in the municipality of Grezzana the vineyards are located both at 250 meters, in a predominantly limestone area, and at over 450 meters, with the Case Vecie cru, where the most austere and complex wines are born.