Bartolo Mascarello

First year of production: 1918
Property: Maria Teresa Mascarello
Winemaker: Roberto Alessandria
conduction: Conventional
Bottles produced: 32.000
Address: from the A21 exit Asti est, direction Alba, then Barolo; from the A6 take the Marene exit, take the Cherasco exit, towards Barolo.
Bartolo Mascarello is an important name for Barolo and Langhe, a small producer who has greatly contributed to the history and evolution of its territory. Today the company is led by her daughter Maria Teresa, who faithfully continues the artisan production of wine while maintaining a single Barolo label. The Mascarello winery was founded in 1918 when Giulio, a veteran of the First World War, with many sacrifices bought small portions of vineyards in suitable areas, in the sixties the definitive turning point was given with the entry into the cellar of his son Bartolo. Bartolo's personality will imprint indelible characteristics in the production by generating an autonomous, original and traditionalist style, always far from the surrounding fashions and with an eye that is always attentive to safeguarding the ancient traditions of the territory. Barolo Bartolo Mascarello is a monument of the Langhe, contested by enthusiasts from all over the world, astonishing, vigorous and elegant.