Tormaresca Antinori

First year of production: 1998
Property: Marchesi Antinori Spa
Winemaker: Michele leone
Agronomist: Antonio Caputo
conduction: Biological
Hectares: 450,00
Address: from the A14 exit at Bari nord, continue for Lecce and exit at S. Pietro Vernotico.
Composed of two large estates: "Bocca di Lupo", a shining example of an ancient restored farmhouse in the middle of the Murgia and "Masseria Maime", in the province of Brindisi, with a wonderful wood framing the historic structure and the technological cellar, the company since 1998 he has seen his "mind" in the sound management of the holding company "Marchesi Antinori Spa".
However, for operational and productive roles, the use of local staff helps to ensure continuity with a wine tradition strongly rooted in the territory; at the same time the constant managerial presence dictates precise guidelines so that Tormaresca is part of a much wider corporate body in terms of philosophy and quality.
Different faces of the same coin consisting of a total of 450 hectares: the Bocca di Lupo estate sees its vineyard spread out, characterized by native and international vines certified organically, on soils rich in tuff and represents the minority share of the company property.
Masseria Maime, hosting the rest of the vineyards on red soils, applies - instead - a conventional agricultural management, however placing particular interest in respecting environmental sustainability.
The section of the Marquises Antinori is as evident as that of territory and tradition. Not a step ahead of either soul. In this fundamental aspect lies the excellent success of a range of qualitative, refined and territorial wines at the same time.