Barbaresco producers

Producers of Barbaresco Vini Piemonte
The current Cantina Sociale dei Produttori del Barbaresco, founded in 1958, has long been considered one of the worst wineries in the area and an example for modern cooperatives; but its history, closely linked to that of wine, is much older. In the second half of the last century, in the Barbaresco area, Nebbiolo wine was cultivated and sold to produce the then emerging Barolo or vinified as Nebbiolo wine or generic table wine. It is therefore necessary to arrive at 1894, a fundamental historical date for Barbaresco, in that year, in fact, Domizio Cavazza, dean of the Royal Enological School of Alba and resident in Barbaresco, where he was the owner of the Castle and the adjoining farm, created the "Cantine Sociali di Barbaresco "for the" production of luxury and table wines ". Initially gathering around him nine farmers and producers he began to vinify and name the wine with the name of the town itself. It was known that Nebbiolo grown in Barbaresco had its very specific distinctive characters, but Cavazza was the first to recognize this peculiarity on the label. 1894 is therefore the official birth year of the Barbaresco wine. The original Cantina Sociale was closed in the Fascist era. In 1958, just overcoming the difficulties of the first post-war period, Don Fiorino, then parish priest of Barbaresco, referring to that tradition, gathered nineteen farmers and founded the "Produttori del Barbaresco" for "the qualification and guarantee of Barbaresco". Objectives fully achieved and constantly and tenaciously pursued to date thanks to the dedication and work of the winemakers who created it. The "Produttori del Barbaresco" now has 56 members and has about 100 hectares of Nebbiolo vineyards equal to about 1/6 of the entire area of ​​origin. The "Produttori del Barbaresco" vinifies exclusively Nebbiolo grapes and controls with its vineyards most of the historical "crus" of the area.