Poggio al Tufo

First year of production: 1997
Property: Tommasi family
Winemaker: Giancarlo Tommasi
Agronomist: Giancarlo Tommasi
conduction: Conventional
Bottles produced: 500.000
Hectares: 170,00
Address: from the Aurelia exit of Albinia, towards Manciano-Pitigliano.
Purchased in 1997, Poggio al Tufo is the first company acquired by the Tommasi family outside their Valpolicella Classica. With the fourth generation and an oenological fame that precedes them, a process of healthy wine expansion could only take place, which developed on three different estates, Rompicollo and Doganella in Pitigliano, the latter under organic conditions, and Albore in the renowned Scansano. . Over time, a group of companies was established with purchases in the Oltrepò Pavese in Lombardy, in Montalcino and finally in Manduria, in Puglia. As people respectful of the territory, the Tommasi behave as if they have always witnessed the wine history of these lands, producing wines of marked territorial fidelity, thanks to extremely careful cultivation techniques and in the cellar with the utmost protection of the aromatic baggage of the grapes processed. The Alicante is rich in flavor and colorful in its aromas, a wine that more than any other has captured us among those offered by this beautiful Maremma reality.