First year of production: 1925
Property: Tommasi and Paternoster families
Winemaker: Giancarlo Tommasi and Fabio Mecca
conduction: Certified organic
Bottles produced: 130.000
Hectares: 20,00
Address: from the A16 Bari-Napoli, exit at Candela, take the highway to Potenza and exit at Barile.
We cannot talk about the Basilicata of wine without mentioning Paternoster. The names of Don Anselmo and Giuseppe Paternoster have written some of the most interesting pages of Italian enology, dedicating them to Aglianico del Vulture. Their commitment is due to the fact that this grape has finally come out into the open and has imposed itself on the attention of the general public, clearing itself of a role of mere reinforcement of the wines of the north that was, frankly, very close to them. Although Tommasi Family Estates has acquired the majority of the property since 2016, the Paternosters continue to be closely associated with these wines and these lands, continuing to lead and supervise their production. The company has twenty hectares of land, scattered in various areas of the municipality of Barile, and two wineries. The first, located inside the Villa Rotonda farm, is used until the malolactic fermentation takes place, the other, located in the historic center of the town, is used for the subsequent aging phases. It goes without saying that all wines have a particular grace and territoriality, which remains constant year after year. What struck us, once again, is the magic of a great Aglianico del Vulture, Don Anselmo, a wine whose absolute quality is there for all to see.